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Change leaders, it's time to think bigger and get data-driven about your change management approach! It's time to think outside the spreadsheets, countless paperwork, and the patchwork of systems you use to manage change.

ChangeSync allows businesses to change faster and smarter with digital workflows and easy collaboration tools. Plus, our enterprise-wide reports, surveys, impact analysis, and real-time change data help you convey and paint a meaningful picture of change for your leaders.

We've streamlined and automated traditionally manual change work with digital engagement tools, self-building dashboards, change impact reports, and more. Our digital optimization reduces the time customers spend on administrative work by as much as 25% each week.  

Complex change in the workplace is tough, but the change process doesn't have to be. Keep it simple with ChangeSync.

Our Product Features 

A Single-Source-of-Truth For Your Entire Change Portfolio
Organize and optimize all change-related projects, activities, stakeholders and users across your enterprise from one easy-to-use dashboard. Gone are the days of juggling multiple systems to manage the complexities of a robust change portfolio.

Real-Time Reports, Metrics, Feedback & Data
Our enterprise-wide and project-specific reporting provides clear, data-driven insight into change trends & engagement across your business. Pinpoint individual progress and trends across change programs. View who is completing activities and where resistance-management is needed.

Change Impact Tables, Analysis & Reports
We've fully digitized the change impact process making it quick and easy to capture, analyze, and report on change impacts. Assign and manage workload distribution and completion with easy task assignment capabilities. Change impact reporting helps leaders pinpoint areas of change saturation and fatigue.

Enhance, Boost & Track Stakeholder Engagement
Provide customized access for stakeholders and leaders to create transparency throughout the change process. Our interactive stakeholder analysis and map let you manage stakeholder impact, influence, interest, and other details throughout the change process.

Self-Building, Interactive Timelines & Dashboards
Each change project is equipped with an interactive, color coded, and self-building timeline and user-friendly dashboard. This configurable roadmap provides a comprehensive overview of change activities, milestones, dependencies, effort and delivery dates.

Customizable Surveys & Digital, In-System Toolkit
Know how employees think and feel with real-time results and color-coded, AI-driven sentiment markers. Choose from our customizable guides and templates or upload and quickly reuse your favorite resources for a consistent change toolkit to use across your projects and organization.

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