Consulting Services

Need experienced change-management resources to supplement your efforts? No problem! We provide full-service organizational change management consulting and advisory services.

Collectively our team brings 30+ years of change knowledge and expertise. We're committed to supporting your change efforts with a data-driven, strategic, and holistic approach to change.

Change Program Services 

ChangeSync's consultants will partner with you to design, create, and implement a change program designed for success. Need staff augmentation or support? No problem! We'll strive to ensure all change deliverables are designed to meet your unique organizational and project needs, ensuring a smooth transition throughout the change.

Quality Assurance Services

Confident you have the basics covered, but want to ensure you're on the right track? Our Quality Assurance Team reviews and monitors the health of your change program(s), milestones, and key activities. We provide detailed insight and action plans for any course corrections necessary to achieve change success.

Change Infrastructure
& Design Services

Trying to establish a Change Management Center of Excellence? Want to enhance your existing change infrastructure? We can help! Our goal is to ensure your change management infrastructure is designed for performance, agility, and sustainment.

Change management infrastructure encompasses all the intangible, logistical, technical, and structural considerations of delivering change to people across an organization. We'll review and assess 7 key elements to help you identify gaps and areas of opportunity as you lay the foundation for your organization's change oversight, culture, agility, sustainability, and growth.

What Is Change Management Infrastructure?

Got questions?
We'd love to answer them!

Whether it's a technology, policy,  process, or cultural change – we'd love to hear all about your change management challenges, needs, and goals. We look forward to helping you acheive change success!

Pricing for consulting services is available upon inquiry.


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